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The Laundry Room

Before we start the tour, can we please talk about laundry is never ending! Holy moly! Anyone else feel like they are constantly doing laundry! Those of you with more than two kids, I don’t know how you keep up! Props to you! Honestly, it’s not the washing and drying. And really it’s not even though folding! But I hate putting everything away!!

Okay…. anyway! On with the tour!

Honestly, the laundry room is kind of boring! Ha! Remember the two cabinets we took down on either side of the sink in the kitchen? Well, we used one of them in the laundry room on the left. We also had someone build a shelf across the top and add a hanging bar! It’s a small room but totally functional!

I am SOOOO happy with our LG Washer & Dryer! They are so amazingly fast and efficient!

That sweeper hanging on the charger is probably my favorite household tool! It is cordless and super powerful!!!! I use it every day!

The cute baskets above the shelf are great for storing light bulbs, candles, and other misc. stuff!

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