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Why I decided to start a blog!

You may be wondering, why would a first grade teacher who is a mom of two want to start a fashion blog? Well, I believe that you should pursuit the things you love! And one of the many things I love is fashion and finding a good deal on it! So here is what I have learned so far in the short month I have been doing this!

  • 1. You can’t please everyone! Even though my nature is to try to make everyone happy, I have come to learn in my life that this is not possible! And while I love a good deal, I also believe that sometimes things that are quality cost a bit more. I am completely fine spending more money on a classic handbag that I will carry for years and years! I like to divide the amount I spend on the amount of times I will wear or use the item.
  • 2. Doing something you love can bring you joy! I had been wanting to do something like this for years! After following many fashion bloggers, I finally decided this is something I could do! And you know what, it does bring me joy! So what is it that you love? Are you pursuing it?
  • 3. Blogging builds relationships! I have talked to so many people after starting this blog, and they have been so positive and kind! To all of you who have encouraged me, THANK YOU!

I’m still figuring things out! Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

XO Candace

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  1. Julie Miller | 20th Feb 18

    Hey there Candace. Not sure how I stumbled onto your fb page, but…somehow I got to your blog. It’s been suggested, like you mentioned, it’s a way to build relationships via networking. I had thought about doing one, for my MLM business, but not very wordy and not really sure what people would want to read. Randomness is what pops into my head when I think about it. Yours, Beautifully done; Interesting and Attention Catching. Just wanted to let you know. I see how the kids have Really grown. 👍👍
    Have a Great Dryer week.

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