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The Scoop on My Hair

I have had tons of questions lately about my hair! Honestly, my hair didn’t used to be something I received questions about! It was thin, stringy, and couldn’t hold a curl!

But then in August, reader, Amanda, reached out to me to try a new product – Monat! Amanda wanted to send me a full size shampoo and conditioner because she was just sure that I would love it! I will admit, I was skeptical at first, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I told her I would commit three months to using only the shampoo and conditioner. After the three months, I would get back to her with what I thought about the products.

After using it for a few weeks, I didn’t know what to think. Amanda told me to only use a pea size amount. I just didn’t think that was enough, but I followed her directions. My first question to her was, “I like the smell, but why isn’t it lathering up like a normal shampoo?” Amanda reassured me that this was completely normal. The products were detoxing my hair. She also told me that if I continued to use it, I would start to notice a lather!

She was right! A few weeks after I first began using the shampoo and conditioner, I started to notice a huge difference in my hair! And I wasn’t the only one! After using the products for about a month, my friends, family members, and co-workers began asking me what I was doing differently to my hair. The only change was¬†Monat!

After using it for two months, Brit and I went to Vegas! I continued to use the products faithfully! One night before dinner, Brit (who doesn’t always notice things like my hair) said, “Your hair looks bigger, but in a really good way!” Thanks, honey! ūüôā

After using it for almost five months here are a few things I know:

1. My hair has never looked or felt better!

The first picture is me when I first started my blog back in May of 2017. Believe it or not, I had curled my hair just prior to this photo. I had also used a comb to tease my hair to make it appear thicker and sprayed it with gobs of hairspray! The second photo was taken just last week! I had done my  hair earlier in the morning, and it still could hold a curl. Not only does it look thicker, it actually FEELS thicker!

Before Monat

After Monat

2. One bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner lasts a LONG TIME!

As I mentioned before, I only use a pea size amount of shampoo and a nickel sized amount of¬†conditioner¬†each time I wash my hair (which is every other day). I have been using Monat¬†for fives months and my bottles are still over half way full! (Or not even half empty if you are a pessimist! ūüėČ )

3. Even my hair stylist saw a difference. 

In the end of July, I had my hair cut and highlighted. Three months later I went back for a hair cut. My stylist (without my prompting) asked if I was doing something different to my hair. She noticed that it felt thicker and looked healthier! She also noticed that it had grown faster too!

4. Most of my friends, family members, and coworkers that have tried samples Monat  have ordered full size products!

I received quite a few samples and passed them out!! Most of the people that have tried the samples ended up ordering the products because they too loved them! Even my mother-in-law, who is incredibly particular about products, LOVES this stuff!

How exactly do I use the products?

I use a pea size amount of the shampoo every other night when I wash my hair. I make sure my hair is very wet before I put the shampoo on. This helps me to have a bit more lather. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not have much lather for the first few weeks. This is completely normal. I let the shampoo sit on my hair for 2-3 minutes before completely rinsing it. I do this two times. Then I add a nickel size amount of conditioner to my hair. I let it sit for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it out. This is the exact shampoo I use, and this is the exact conditioner I use.

I recently started using the Replenish Masque and Rejuvenique Oil on my hair as well to help moisturize my hair and repair any split ends.

I also purchased the kids’ line for Henry and Lucy to use! They love the way it smells!

If you are curious about any of the products, you can check out the videos on each product to find out how to use them! Love that!

So what’s the bottom line?

I love Monat¬†so much and believe in the products so much, that I decided to become a Market Partner and sell the products. If you are feeling like your hair is just “eh”, I cannot recommend these products more! I have never had a product I love more for my hair. This is the exact shampoo and conditioner¬†that I use. As mentioned before, I have used the same bottle for almost five months, and it is over half way full! Crazy! So while you may be thinking, “Holy moly! That is a lot to pay for shampoo and conditioner!!” I promise it is worth it, and it lasts a long time!

These products are research based, and their ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable.

What are some ways to purchase these products?

  1. You can shop all the products here and purchase them at full price with no commitment. 
  2. You can shop all the products here and sign up to become a VIP customer.
    VIP membership is a one time $19.99 fee. You get 15% off every order, access to flash sales, a free only for you product and free shipping on qualifying flex ships. With you’re membership it is your first order and then two additional ones. After your 3 qualifying flexships you can turn off the Flexship and still enjoy 15% off for life!
    You are actually save money in their first order by going the VIP route even with the sign up fee.
    Example on a system:
    retail- $99+ $6.93 (tax) +$2.50 (handling fee) +$13.99 (shipping)= $122.42
    VIP- $84+ $6.93 (tax) +$2.50 (handling fee)+$19.99 (membership fee)= $113.44

I am so excited to share these products with you! I truly love them and believe in them! And hey, if you don’t like them, Monat has a 30 day money back guarantee! Feel free to contact me with any questions! I may not know the answers right away, but I will work hard to figure them out! [email protected]


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