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Closet Tour

I would say one of the most common comments and questions have to do with my closet! “How big is it?” “Where do you put everything?” “What are your organizational tricks?” Well, here it is, ladies – a peek into my closet. And yes, I am wearing my pajamas! I refused to take these soft things off my body this day!!! It’s Christmas break, and I am living the dream of being in comfortable clothes all day! I use these hangers to hold all of my clothes. I love them because they are velvet, so my clothes don’t slip off. They also take up half the space of a traditional plastic hanger. Here is another similar version that are less expensive.

One of the tricks that I do in my closet, is organize my tops by colors (going in rainbow order, of course 😉 )! My casual/workout gear is hung below. For me, organizing by color helps me easily something to wear. If I want to wear black (which is often!), I go to the black section of my closet!

While most things are hanging on hangers in my closet, I do have drawers for my underwear, socks, camis, and other necessities. I fold all of my jeans and school spirit wear! I purchased these collapsable bins from IKEA a few years ago, but here are some similar ones. I use them to hold my workout tanks and shorts.

I hang my pants and leggings on hangers. I also keep my steamer and iron in my closet! I love the convenience of having my wrinkle releasers right by all my clothes!

I store all my clutches together! I read on Pinterest that a great way to keep them from falling down is to use a book end! I plan on purchasing these to help my clutches stay up!

My dresses are also organized by color to help me stay more organized and easily find what I need!

Next are all my shoes and handbags – the joy of my closet!!! I LOVE shoes and handbags in case you can’t tell! 😉

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get your closet more organized, this is a good tip to try! Turn every hanger in your closet backwards! After you wear the item, hang it back the right way. After a given amount of time (no more than a year), donate or sell any piece that you have not worn.

A great way to score your scarves is on this scarf hanger! It hangs up right on your closet rod!

A great way to help your boots keep their shape is by cutting pool noodles down and using them as a boot insert!

Want some more closet tips?? Check out my Pinterest Board on Closets!!

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