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Brandless – Breakfast Style

When Brandless reached out to me about a month ago to try some of their products, I was really excited! Our family really tries to eat healthy. And after researching the site, I found so many amazing products that I couldn’t wait to try! Henry instantly got behind the site when he found out that Steph Curry is an investor! Brandless carries everything from household supplies to amazing food choices! Now here’s the kicker – everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!!) is $3 or less! You can read all about this amazing company here.

When I saw they carried some gluten free options, I was so excited! I have really struggled with some digestion issues over the years (You can read about it here.). One of the things that has really helped has been to limit the amount of gluten that I consume. I was super excited to try this gluten free pancake mix! Because while our lives are crazy busy during the school week, we have pancakes every Saturday morning as a family! Join our family as we slow down! (But don’t judge – we are all in our pajamas! And our hair and makeup are not done!)

Even the kids like to get in on the action! We worked as a team to prepare breakfast! I have to be honest. We have sampled so many different gluten free pancake mixes over the years. A couple years ago we found one that we all really liked. I was a little skeptical that the Brandless gluten free pancake mix would not be good. I followed the directions on the package. The only changes I made were adding melted butter instead of oil and using almond milk instead of regular milk.

I added the batter to our greased griddle (the very same one we have used since we got married)! And in a few minutes, it was time to taste test! Even Sammy wanted in on the action!

Here’s what we decided as a family – oh my goodness, the pancakes were delicious!! Lucy normally eats one pancake every weekend. Today, she ate three!! Henry didn’t even use his fork because he was so excited to try them! Normally, I have a couple pancakes left over from the mix. Today, my griddle was completely empty!

Even Sammy tried the pancakes! He was also a big fan!

Remember how I told you earlier that EVERYTHING is $3 or less! You guessed it, friends!! That includes this delicious maple syrup!!!

I even enjoyed a cup of their coffee too!!

For those busy school day mornings, Brandless has got you covered as well! My kids really enjoyed the applesauce and oatmeal! Perfect for a healthy and quick meal!

Here’s what you need to know!!

1. Brandless is a great company with amazing products.

2. If you want to try it for the first time, you can get $1 shipping on your entire first purchase just by signing up to receive emails. (Click on the pop-up on the bottom right side of your screen.)

3. You can sign up for a membership (similar to Amazon Prime). For $36 per year, you can get free shipping on every order! Sign up here.

4. We tried several different products, and we honestly were very impressed with the quality and great taste!

Here’s to healthy eating at great prices!


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