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Create Your Own Valentines

Yes, I am one of those crazy moms that likes to do homemade Valentine’s Day cards with my kids for their classes!  We really  have fun doing these together! So for those of you on a limited time table (I mean, who isn’t!?!), I am hoping this makes things a little easier for you! Here are my  Valentine’s Day Printables to download the free printable for these homemade Valentine’s Day cards!

Don’t forget about your teachers too! Use this free printable for a coffee gift card that says, I love you a latte or this Thanks a Latte! Check out the printable for Target, Amazon or attach any gift card with this printable here

You BLOW Me Away, Valentine!

The teacher in me will tell you this – let your child write the names on the cards! No, they won’t look perfect, but this is such a great skill for your child to do! Yes, it will take longer! But in the long run, it will be something that will really help your child!

We attached these cards to bubble wands, but you could also attach these to a pack of gum!!

You’re My Main Squeeze

Attaching this cute little tag to your applesauce pouches is another easy (& healthy) “card” or snack to send in for your child’s party!

You Warm My Heart

Another fun option is to add a packet of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and chocolate chips to a party bag and attach this cute little “card”!

These are perfect for teachers to give to their students too! Hope this had made your Valentine’s Day prep a little bit easier!!


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