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What I’m Packing for Spring Break

Who’s ready for spring break!?!? Two hands up for this girl! You may have seen my Spring Getaway post with Nordstrom last week, but here are a few other options you might want to consider adding to your suitcase! Every year, my little family of four join my parents and my sister with her family down in Florida in the Orlando area! (And no… we aren’t doing Disney. Oh my goodness!! WAY too busy for me this time of year!) This has been a crazy, busy school year! I always look forward to spring break! It is a time for total relaxation! We don’t do much, but it sure is nice to be in the warmth and be surrounded by family!

Travel Outfit

Tank // Pants // Jacket // Scarf // Sandals

I always travel in all black! With two kids, you just never know what will happen! Am I right!?! These pants are my go-to any time I travel. They are super comfortable and true to size! I also like to throw in a jean jacket or cardigan to have an extra layering piece once we get to Florida! And oh my goodness, THIS SCARF!!! It is a travel staple! Not only will it keep me warm on the chilly airplane, it can double as a wrap one we get down there! And these sandals are comfortable in the airport and perfect for walking to the pool! Spoiler alert – I will wear the same outfit traveling to Florida and on the way home to Indiana!

A Day at the Beach or PoolCover Up // Suit // Sunglasses // Hat // Sandals

Suit // Sunglasses // Romper // Sandals Top // Bottoms // Sunglasses // Tote // Sandals

No matter where you are sitting in the sun, these suits will make you feel good! I suggest sizing up in all the pieces. I love the one piece because of all the ruching! And I am a HUGE fan of this bikini top! Not only can the ties be tied around your neck, they can also be criss crossed or even tied around your back! I don’t like tan lines which is another reason these suits are favorites of mine!

A Casual Day

Dress // Jacket // SandalsTank // Shorts // Hat // Sunglasses // Sandals Dress // Hat // Sunglasses // SandalsRomper // Hat // Sunglasses // Sandals  Dress // Jacket // Sandals 
Tee // Shorts // Sandals Top // Necklace // Shorts // Sandals

When we are on spring break, we are very low key! I like to bring many black items to be able to mix and match them! And yes, surprisingly, I usually just bring 2-3 pairs of shoes! When I bring mostly black items, I can bring a pair of black shoes and one colored pair, and I am good to go!

A Night Out

Dress // Necklace // Sandals Dress // Necklace // Sandals

I always look forward to one night out – well, besides the crazy, busy restaurants and overcrowded outlet mall! I always bring my makeup on the trip, but in all honesty, I usually only put it on once or twice if we go out!

But let’s not forget about a good book to read…. And while yes, this book, Big Little Lies, was the same book I brought with me and started on fall break, I am seriously planning on actually finishing it over spring break!

Well, ladies! Here’s to warmer weather and relaxation!!! It will be here before we know it!


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