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Dress Your Whole Family at Macy’s

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is host a BBQ around our pool! When we moved into our house almost three years ago, I was so excited to have a pool in our backyard! Of course, while I was planning backyard BBQs in our backyard, Briton was researching the pros and cons of having a pool! <– that right there pretty much describes our personalities! I am a dreamer and Brit is my black and white! We are a good compliment to each other! We (okay, totally me more than the rest of my family!) are excited to partner with Macy’s to bring you some great looks for your whole family! Now is the time to shop for everyone in your family during the Friends & Family Sale!! You can save 30% off so many great items with code FRIEND! But hurry! The sale ends May 7!

P.S. – You will want to read until the end to see the outtakes reel from this photoshoot! While I would like to tell you that my entire family was SO EXCITED to take pictures, that would not be true! The truth is, Henry was almost in tears because I made him spit out his gum. Lucy did not want to wear a bow. And Briton was a real trooper for wearing a suit!! <– not his favorite thing to wear! But gosh, he always looks so handsome!

Perhaps it goes back to my middle school days of matching my chapsticks to my outfits (I know, don’t judge. It was a very cool thing to do!), but I love it when our whole family can coordinate. Memorial Day and Fourth of July are two of my favorite holidays to coordinate as a family! Bring on all the red, white, and blue! And while I know this time is limited because my children’s opinions will start to be stronger about what they wear, I sure am loving it while it lasts!! We are all feeling very patriotic in these outfits!

Briton’s Outfit Details

Top (TTS. Wearing XL) // Shorts (TTS)

My Outfit Details

Dress (Size down if in between. Wearing a small) //      Similar Shoes

Henry’s Outfit Details

Top (Polo sizes run big!) // Top in Toddler Sizes             Similar Shorts

Lucy’s Outfit Details

Dress (TTS) // Toddler Dress

Not only is Lucy’s dress adorable, it is also reversible! I just love a twofer! I am sure that Lucy would also like me to point out that it has a great twirl factor!

When you take pictures with children, you just never know how they are going to turn out! I can’t deny that the promise of extra dessert was in their future with a smile! And while they certainly don’t always get along, I sure do love the documented pictures that look like they actually love each other!

This dress is perfect for a BBQ, but it is also perfect all summer and will even be great for school! It is comfortable and flowy! Eat all the dessert you want in this gorgeous dress!

BBQs are certainly a fun event in the summer, but wedding season is almost here, and Macy’s has some great choices for wedding season for you and your main squeeze! Even though Briton wears the same suit to most of the weddings we attend, I like to find a matching tie to coordinate with whatever dress I wear! And this dress!!!! Oh my goodness! The material is great, I totally felt sucked in, and the ruching hides all the imperfections!

Briton’s Outfit Details

Similar Suit // Similar Shirt // Tie

My Outfit Details

Dress (TTS. Wearing a 4) // Similar Shoes

Here are a few other things I am loving from Macy’s:

And while we did manage to get a couple great pictures, I can’t say that the majority of the pictures were good! Oh my! Here comes the outtake reel!

“Brit, put your hands on your hip and pose like a blogger!”“Briton, do your best pose!”Me as I tiptoed through our muddy, wet yard: “What would you do if I fell in the mud in this dress?”

“Henry, make it so your gum DOESN’T show!”

“Brit, Lucy, let’s go…. Time to take pictures! Stop throwing things in the water!”“Henry! Lucy! SMILE!!”

While not all family moments are perfect, I am thankful to Macy’s for making us look good! From backyard BBQs to an afternoon wedding, now is the perfect time to shop for your entire family!!

This post sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle.

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