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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Kohl’s

I have to be completely honest! When Kohl’s first contacted me to do an “upgrade one room” post, I thought, “Gosh, I love the rooms in my house. I am not sure which one I would change.” I always knew that I wanted to do a rug in our bedroom eventually, but I was totally holding off in hopes that we would have hardwood flooring in the near future. I wondered how it would look putting a rug on top of carpet. Would it look crazy? Would it be too much? But I have to tell you, once I made five simple changes in our bedroom, it went from great to OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE THIS ROOM SO MUCH!!! You have known for years that Kohl’s offers great clothing at great prices with that amazing Kohl’s Cash. But did you know that they also carry so many great things for every room in your house too? Right now, you can get $10 off $50 for home items in-store and online between 7/13-7/29 PLUS earn $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent from 7/13-7/18. Use code HOME10! I am excited to share 5 quick and easy upgrades I did to our bedroom to completely change the look!

Here’s a quick peek at our bedroom before:

1. Add a Rug

In case it’s not completely obvious from the pictures, when I (okay, we…. Briton totally had to lift up the bed to get this bad boy underneath! I actually probably should have filmed the whole ordeal!) …. anyway, when WE put the rug under the bed, it totally changed the way the room looked INSTANTLY! The room instantly felt cozier! This rug is just beautiful in person. Honestly, the pictures don’t even do it justice!

P.S. – Our wall hanging is from a local store several years ago, but I found this one that is very similar!

Decorating tip: Don’t completely center the rug in your room. You will get the illusion of a larger room if you pull the rug more towards the door. Also, pull the rug down from the bed about one-fourth of the way to make the rug appear to be bigger. 

2. Layer Your Curtains

Before I had some simple sheer curtains in our bedroom. And honestly, I never thought about adding an extra panel on each side. But wow, once I added one panel on each side of the sheer curtains, it again, totally changed the look of the room.

Decorating tip: When hanging your curtain rods, always hang them higher than your windows and have the curtains come out farther than your actual window width. This gives the appearance of windows that are much bigger than they actually are. It also helps to soften the room. 

Another curtain tip is to buy a curtain that is several inches longer than the space it is needed for. Then wrap a rubber band at the end of the curtain. When you lay the rubber banded end on the ground, it gives the illusion of a billowy curtain, and it also lays much better on the ground.

3. Add Some Accessories to Your Nightstand

Briton and I each have a tray on our nightstands that hold our alarm clock! It totally dresses up the space! I also love these little mercury glass votives for a holding fresh flowers! I picked a couple hydrangeas (pink, I know you are shocked!) from our yard and love the pop of color it adds to our room! You can also add a picture frame to your nightstand. This can hold a family photo or a favorite quote!

Decorating tip: Keep your nightstand free from clutter to create a space that is clean and organized. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when my house is picked up. Your nightstand should be no different. It is one of the first things you see every morning. Start your day off right!

4. Add a Throw

Adding a throw to your bed or seating area gives the feeling of pure luxury! This throw is the softest blanket ever!! I also love how it looks draped on the bed or across the chair.

Decorator Tip: When adding a throw on your bed, you create more interest in the space when you add the throw at an angle. 

5. Update Your Pillows

It’s no secret when you look at our bed that I love the look of pillows!!! I went with an all white look on our bed for several reason. First, if the bedding gets dirty, I can easily use a little bleach to get it to be bright white again. There is also just something about laying your head on a clean white pillow every night! To me, it just feels good!! I also love that no matter what color I choose for our walls, our bedding will always match! We spend so much of our lives in our bed! So invest in a good set of sheets, the best mattress pad around, and a great quilt. But don’t forget a few decorative pillow to really dress up your bed! I love these euro shams, standard shams, and fun throw pillows that I picked up to spruce up our bed. I also love the fun decorative pillow that we added to our chair!

Decorating Tip: Change your small decorative pillows throughout the year to match the seasons! I have a fun throw pillow that I put out in the fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and summer!

Here are a few other things from Kohl’s that I am loving for my home:

These simple changes can totally refresh your space!!

A big thank you to Kohl’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!!


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