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Our Trip to Vegas

I have had tons of questions about our recent trip to Vegas!! So, I thought I would put everything we did, what I wore, and where we ate! I hope this is helpful! We absolutely love going to Vegas!

Let’s start at the beginning!!! For travel, I like to be comfortable, but of course, still cute too! I wore this dress paired with my favorite jean jacket, scarf, necklace, crossbody, and shoes! I always bring this scarf when we travel because it can be worn so many different ways including as a wrap when we go out to eat and to shows!! While it is normally pretty hot outside in Vegas, restaurants and shows are air conditioned and can be chillier! And this luggage is seriously the best!! It holds up amazingly and has great zipper compartments inside! Plus, it’s pink and super adorable too!

Before we left for Vegas, I arranged for a limo to pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel! There were 7 of us traveling together because we went with our neighbors. Because we would already need two cars if we Ubered, a limo was not that much more expensive. Plus, we felt so fancy!

What Did We Do?

While we are in Vegas, one of our favorite things to do is see shows!!!

The first night we were there, we just happened to catch¬†Travis Pastrana recreate Evel Knievel’s jump over the fountains at Caesar’s Palace!! Was fun to watch – but it also made me realize that I am too old to be in a crowd that size!

Please forgive the horrible lighting and quality of this photo! But another fun thing to do while in Vegas is to watch the Bellagio fountains!! They are so beautiful at night! We even got to watch someone propose!

One show that we saw this time was Terry Fator. He is the ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent. His show was pretty entertaining! It was amazing how many impersonations he could do without moving his lips!

We also saw Criss Angel this visit. We found him very entertaining and exciting! The whole show we kept saying, “How did he do that?” On a sad note….. this picture was definitely taken at the beginning of his ten year stint in Vegas because he definitely did not have abs like this!

During the day, we did the CSI Experience. We love crime TV shows and were excited to do this one! But it was kind of a let down. I thought it would be more like an escape room where we had to solve the crime to get out of the room. But it wasn’t really that exciting to do. I wouldn’t do it again.

We also visited the Pawn Shop from the show Pawn Stars. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed. It took forever to get there, we had to wait in the hot temps to get in, and it was not very exciting inside. I definitely wouldn’t do it again.

Some other things that we have done over the years and loved:

  • Mat Franco
  • Beatles Love
  • Le Reve
  • Absinthe
  • Scooter Tour through the Red Rocks
  • Pink Jeep Tour around the Grand Canyon

What did I wear?

I packed two outfits per day in my suitcase! I knew we would be doing some walking during the day and wanted to have a clean outfit to wear at night in case I was grossly sweaty during the day. During the day, I wore my Birkenstock sandals because we walked close to ten miles a day!

During the Day

Dress (TTS. Wearing a small)

Top (Size down if in between)//Skirt (TTS) Wearing a small in each.

Dress (Size up. Wearing a small)

During the day, I wore these comfortable outfits because it was so stinkin’ hot!! But instead of the shoes pictured, I wore my Birkenstock sandals. Even though things in Vegas appear to be close, it takes quite a bit of walking to get from one place to the other!

At Night

Dress (TTS. Wearing a small) // Scarf Similar Romper // Earrings // Similar ShoesJumpsuit (Size up. Wearing a 6) // ShoesRomper (TTS. Wearing a small) // Shoes

Swim WearTop & Bottoms (TTS) // Hat

And of course, don’t forget a comfortable bathing suit and good book for lounging around by the pool!

Where did we eat?

Yes, that is an amazing plate full of French fries, cheese, and bacon!!! We ate at Prime Burger our first night there! It was really good and pretty reasonably priced!! It is located between the Venetian and the Palazzo in the Grand Canal Shoppes!

Definitely the best meal we ate while were were there was at Hell’s Kitchen! The experience was very cool, and the food was out of this world good! I loved the mac and cheese and quinoa salad! We made reservations before we left! I would definitely recommend doing this to make things easier for you so you don’t have to wait!

Another favorite meal was at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar! We got the bacon mac ‘n’ cheese burger, and it was delicious!! We did split it because it was huge! And of course to maintain some sense of balance in our diet, we also got a salad!

Another fun dining experience is at the Stratosphere! The food was great but the view was even better! You are so high up that you can see the entire town! Plus, the restaurant rotates around so you can view everything! Prices are a little higher to eat here, but we went for lunch and it was pretty reasonable.

I absolutely LOVE macarons! My favorite spot to get them is Le Macaron! So, yes, that is me every night holding a box of six macarons! I did share if someone else wanted some, but I had at least four every night! I like to think that all the walking I did totally balanced that out!!

We also really enjoyed Hash House! The food was really different but so good!! Take my advice – SPLIT YOUR MEAL!! The portions are huge!!!! I got the Hash House Farm Benedicts! It was huge – but really good! And yes, that was my actual reaction when I saw my plate (err… platter) of food!

Other places we have enjoyed:

Just writing this post is making me want to go back!! We absolutely love to visit Vegas! We typically stay at the Palazzo because that is our favorite!! It’s so fresh and new! But we have also stayed at the Venetian and Bellagio too!

If you are traveling to Vegas any time soon, I hope this post helps you!!!


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