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Products I’m Loving from Beautycounter

I really just believe in these products! I love them not because of what is in them, but because of what is NOT in them! I have always been incredibly conscious of the foods that I am putting inside of my body! I try to eat well. But honestly, I had never really thought enough about what I was applying on the outside of my body! Several of my friends started selling Beautycounter, and I began trying some products! I have very sensitive skin and never had any problems with any product that I was using. After using several of the products, I decided to use and sell the products! I have reviewed many of them and will provide my opinions below.

What I love about Beautycounter is the amount of products that they ban from being used. They call this list “The Never List”. It’s crazy how many ingredients are banned in Europe (over 1400) and how little are banned in the United States (only 11). Beautycounter does not use over 1500 ingredients that they believe could be harmful.

I certainly am just scratching the surface, but I have like so many of the products I have tried!!

Up first are the charcoal cleansing bar and charcoal mask! These are two of the most popular items! I am not sure my face has ever felt softer! In just ten minutes, the mask takes away all the extra oils  leaving my face baby soft!!

Another reason I started using Beautycounter was for my kids! Again, I was so careful about what was being put INTO their bodies but not aware enough of what was being used! I love this set of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for the kids! It leaves them clean and smelly good without added fragrances. Lucy has inherited my sensitive skin, and these products have been great for her! You can shop the entire kids’ line here.

I have been using the haircare system for myself for about two months! I was previously using Monat. And while I had zero issues with Monat, I know several people complained about the products. Since I decided to sell Beautycounter, I wanted to use their shampoo and conditioner too! I have been using the Volume & Shape Shampoo and Conditioner! I also started using the Volume & Shape Volumizing Mist. I have really seen a great improvement in my hair! I had previously asked my hairdresser about possibly getting extensions to increase my hair volume. When she saw this picture of me, she assumed I got them. No hair extensions here! If your hair already has great volume, don’t worry! There are some other great shampoos and conditioners to choose from!

I am also a really big fan of their sunscreen! Most sunscreens contain ingredients that Lucy & I are allergic to! Or if they are a “healthier” sunscreen, the zinc oxide in them turns my skin pure white and pasty! Beautycounter’s sunscreen goes on smoothly without turning me into a ghost! Plus, it never irritates my skin!

Lastly, I have been using a few of their makeup products! Several of you have been asking about the products I have been using lately! The Tint Skin is great to smooth out your skin and leave it moisturized!  I have horribly short eyebrows, so this brow pencil has been a lifesaver! The lipstick and lipgloss come in some fabulous colors too!

I certainly have just scratched the surface of the many products, but I am loving the amazing benefits of using products that are so safe! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! I certainly don’t know it all, but I am happy to help if I can!


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