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What Do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas?

Naturally, every year I am asked, “What do teachers REALLY want for Christmas gifts?” So let me  tell you the truth! While we truly don’t expect anything, it sure is a nice treat to be appreciated. And while truly any gift is appreciated, here are some things that we really like! (At least I am speaking for me and all of my teacher friends!)

1. Gift Cards

​This is probably the favorite gift given to any teacher. I like to do some investigating and find out the kids’ teachers’ “favorite things”! This makes gift giving pretty easy! One of the nicest gifts I have gotten over the years is a gift card from my entire class. One mother sent a letter to all the parents in our class (without me knowing) saying she wanted to get one large Visa gift card for me for Christmas. Parents mailed an amount to her and she purchased a large gift card! It was such a nice treat! But picking up a gift card to a restaurant, grocery store, gas station, Starbucks, or for a massage is sure to be a winner!

2. Pinterest Inspired Gifts

​Another fun idea is to do a quick search on Pinterest! (You can follow my Teacher Appreciate Idea board here!) I made a “For Your Mistle Toes” gift bag and included socks, nail polish, chocolate, and a gift card for a pedicure! I also made a “Thanks a Latte for All You Do” gift bag and included a thermal mug and chocolate! Sometime I even throw in a Starbucks gift card too! 



3. A Kind Note

I have said this before, but it remains true! A kind note from a family means the world! Believe it or not, throughout the school year, we get several mean notes/emails that bring us to tears. The kind notes are the things that get us through! I know many teachers at my school (myself included!) have a file of all the kind notes we have gotten over the years. You have no idea the joy you can bring by simply writing a kind note.
4. Chocolate
While for me, this is not something I like (I know, don’t unfollow me! But I don’t like chocolate!!) MOST teachers do! Pick up a box of chocolates and attach a nice note!
I can not say it enough – WE DO NOT EXPECT GIFTS! And we TRULY appreciate any nice gesture – no matter how big or small! But here is the inside scoop on what we really want!

Merry Christmas!

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