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A Simple Change for Your Bedroom

Over the last year, we have made a few simple changes to our master bedroom that have totally transformed the room!


Here’s the thing, I honestly liked our bedroom before! I have been wanting to get hardwood floors throughout the main floor for a while, but man, what an investment! I am just not ready to write that $10,000 check that it would probably cost! But I have always loved the look of a rug under a bed! So I decided to forego the hardwood floors for now and just try out a rug! Wow, did it ever change the room! We also added shiplap behind our bed! That was another transformation that was incredible! Honestly, our room feels so tranquil now! The last change we made was updating the pillows! This is probably the simplest change you can do to totally change the look of your room!


I get tons of questions about the wall art above our bed! We got it from a local floral shop when we moved into the house! It was shown on the wall at the floral shop as a square! I rotated it to be more of a diamond shape and love the look! I am linking a few super similar ones for you to check out!

Shop our room here:

I have always loved to decorate! In fact, as a child, I remember playing with my Barbie house over and over again and redecorating each room! I hope these few changes give you the courage to try a few new ideas in your bedroom decor!

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