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Help Your Kids Get Better Sleep with Luuf

One of the mistakes so many people make when purchasing a mattress for their child is buying the cheapest one in the showroom. The crazy thing is that most of the mattresses children are sleeping on are made for adults! They are often filled with material that can be harmful to your kids too!

Lucy has been asking for a bigger bed for around a year because she wants to be able to have friends spend the night in her room! So when we started searching for a new mattress for her, we wanted one that would be good for her for a long time and provide her with a good night’s sleep too! After reading such great things about Luuf, we decided to give their mattresses a try! Here are a few of the features that really won us over!

Luft is actually made for children.

  • They have a custom coil system that is designed to support bodies weighing 30lbs- 175lbs. The coils are individual and not connected, meaning they will contour and adjust to each area of your child’s growing body and all of their sleeping positions.
  • Little Luuf also features Serene Foam with air support technology that is designed to cushion and absorb pressure while keeping the bed nice and cool all night.
  • The fire barrier is safe and free of harsh chemicals, it is made from rayon and cotton, the same fabrics we use in clothing.
  • The fabric is a breathable 360 stretch fabric that helps circulate air to the surface of the bed.
  • Little Luuf is 100% sourced and made in the USA. Yes, I love it when I can support US manufacturing. But I really love that I know my child’s bed is luxury level quality that will last and is safe.
  • Little Luuf is SO AFFORDABLE! Parents that are seeking to buy a safe mattress and limit environmental toxins in their home are often forced to spend $800-$2000 on an “Organic” mattress that has no regulation and is often marketing jargon. Little Luft is less expensive than buying a bed in a mattress store!  At just $299 in a twin you are getting an incredible value. Traditional retail value on a Little Luft would be around $999.

I have talked to Nicole, the sweet mom who was inspired to create Little Luft, and loved her story behind the mattress! Her son was suffering from seizures, and she wanted to make honest, safe sleep products for children that would not cost a fortune.

I also love that Luuf’s mattresses are delivered right to my door in a box! Talk about convenient! I didn’t have to leave my house to find a fantastic mattress for my kids!!

It was also very easy to set up! I took it out of the box, removed the first plastic layer, placed it on the bed, and removed the second plastic layer! That’s it! The mattress filled with air and expanded right on the bed!

I could not recommend this company more!! It is no wonder they were rated best Innerspring Mattress of 2019 by Sleep Sherpa! They were also featured on Lifetime Television’s Designing Spaces!

So take the time to invest in your child’s sleep health! It is so important and will help them for many years to come!

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**This post was sponsored by Luuf Mattresses, but all opinions are my own.**

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