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My High School Sweetheart

This post was sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle.

We have been married 15 years and together over 20!! That is so hard to believe! But as they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!” I am partnering with Walmart to share a few looks for you and your significant other!! With Walmart’s We Dress America campaign, you can have this season’s hottest trends at affordable prices! And along the way, I will be sharing a few fun facts about Briton and me!

Briton (pronounced like the country Britain!) and I started dating when he was a freshman in high school, and I was a sophomore! Yes, I am a cougar (by two months)!! We have known each other pretty much our entire lives but started “liking” each other during study hall! Briton was a basketball player and I was a cheerleader. I specifically remember in study hall that most days I would take off my shoes and sit “criss cross applesauce” (teacher tribe, you know this phrase well!)! Briton would snatch my size 7 shoes and make me wear his size 13 shoes across the room to sharpen my pencil before he would give me back my shoes!

Let’s talk about these outfits though! A great chambray top is a great staple in a man’s closet! It is perfect for family pictures too!! And my maxi dress is the perfect weight for summer!

Fit Tip on Our Outfits: We found everything to be true to size. Briton is wearing a large in the top, and I am wearing a small in the dress.

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After dating through most of my high school and college career, Briton finally popped the question in April of my junior year of college! We got married the following July! Yes…. only three months to plan the wedding!! It was a whirlwind! My parents are both teachers, so I had a very small budget to plan our wedding, and with only three months before the big day, finding the right venue was a challenge! We ended up getting married on a Sunday evening at our local botanical gardens! We had a dessert reception complete with a giant chocolate fountain (which is so funny because I don’t even like chocolate!)! I wore a dress that I got from the local dry cleaners because even though I tried on several at different dress shops, that one was my favorite! A family friend worked at the dry cleaner and told us that they had several dresses that had never been picked up after being cleaned! I had to pay the small dry-cleaning fee, and the dress was mine! The night was perfect!

The outfits we are wearing are perfect for a date night – if you can convince us to get out of our sweats! This dress is the prettiest color for summer and stays off the shoulders too! And if your man needs some fresh new polos in his closet, these are less than $12 and available in 15 colors!

Fit Tip on Our Outfits: We found everything to be true to size. I am wearing a small in the dress, and Briton is wearing a large in the top.

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Briton is black and white, while I am a bit more in the grey area! When I came to him a little over two years ago to tell him I was thinking of starting a fashion blog, he was my biggest cheerleader!! I would not have been nearly a successful without him! And the IRS wouldn’t love me too much either! I am a horrible book keeper so Briton keeps me on track!

I love how well we coordinate in these outfits without being too matchy-matchy! These dress shirts are on sale for $11 and perfect for the men in your life! And while my dress is called “Navy” on the website, it is really this color in person! It is perfect for a wedding!

Fit Tip on Our Outfits: We found everything to be true to size. I am wearing a small in the dress (5’5″ for reference), and Briton is wearing a large in the top.

Shop it all here:

While things have not always been a walk in the park, I am grateful for the 20 years we have shared, and I can’t imagine my life without Briton!! Here’s to 20 more!

Thank you so much to Walmart and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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Here are a few pictures of us throughout the years:

This was on our wedding day!

This was in Cayman Islands with Briton’s family my sophomore year of college!

This was taken before a winter formal!

Fishing at the lake!

We were so cool in high school! Ha!

Sweethearts forever!

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