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My Daily Routine

I have been getting so many questions lately about my daily routine, what I eat, and exercises I do. So I am sharing what I do daily to help look and feel my best. I am not a medical professional or expert by any means, but I a sharing what works for me!

For YEARS, I struggled with digestion. You can read my very raw blog post about it here. And while this may not work for everyone, I am sharing what has worked for me.

Daily Routine

**Things have adjusted a bit since we are all home now, but this is my current routine.**

8:00 Wake up & do my devotions before leaving the bed and getting interrupted by the kids.

*After I wake up, I drink one cup of Bio Coffee and tons of water. I will also drink hot tea with lemon throughout the morning. Basically, my entire morning, I am drinking liquids.

8:00-12:00 Help kids with their virtual learning and get a little bit of work done for myself.

12:00 Workout – I have been doing various Beachbody on Demand programs for the past year and love them.

*After my workout, I make a smoothie for lunch. You can add pretty much anything you want to your smoothie! Depending on how hungry I am, I may make a salad, snack on some crackers, or add a few nuts to eat too.

1:00 – 2:00 Dedicated work time where no one interrupts me!

2:00 Take Sammy on a walk

3:00 – 5:00 Work

5:00 Dinner

*Most dinner consist of one meat and two different veggies. This book, Cook Once, Eat All Week, has been a lifesaver. On Sundays, I get meals ready for the week. It makes eating healthy a breeze throughout the week.

6:00 – 6:30 Everyone in the family spends half an hour cleaning up! This has been a lifesaver for me to get the house back in order before bed.

6:30 – 8:30 Family time – we watch movies/shows, play games, etc.

8:30 Kids go to bed.

8:30 – 11:00 Adult time – Briton and I will watch shows together or apart. And we work if needed. It is so nice to have the house quiet!!

What I Eat

I get asked this question often. The truth is, I try to eat well 90% of the time (whole foods, mostly gluten/dairy free, and watch how much sugar I consume) and 10% of the time I splurge on what I eat! That means if I want to eat a piece (or two!) of pizza or a bowl of ice cream, I will SOMETIMES. I don’t think of it as a diet, but rather, it is my lifestyle.

The thing you need to think about is this…. if you say no to a certain food that is not great for you, you probably won’t miss it in half an hour.

I also don’t consider it a “loss” that I choose not to eat certain foods. There are so many delicious foods that I enjoy eating that are actually healthy for me. Train your body to appreciate healthy foods, and you will find you crave the non-heathy foods way less.

For me, I maintain my healthy body weight by watching what I consume more that exercising.


For the past year, I have been doing Beachbody on Demand and working out from home. I love the flexibility of working out at a time of day that works best for my schedule. The programs have been challenging and beneficial! I love having a new one every couple months so I don’t get bored with what I am doing!

One thing that is KEY in working out (at least for me) is having someone to keep me accountable. My best friend from high school, Sarah, is my motivator! When we were able to before COVID19, we worked out every week day together alternating between our houses – we live a mile apart! So my advice for you is to find someone who will keep you accountable to help you achieve your goals! I don’t alway feel like working out, but I never regret getting a workout in!

I hope this post leaves you inspired to do something to make yourself better – no matter how big or small that may be. Just remember, you are your own worst critic. That small thing that you see as an “imperfection” is probably not noticed by those who know and love you! You are beautiful!

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