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My Favorite Hair Products from Nordstrom

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle.

I have tried hundreds of hair products over the years, but I have finally found the best ones that work for me! I am partnering with Nordstrom today to share my absolute favorite products and how I use them! With their free shipping and returns, Nordstrom is the perfect spot to pick up your favorite beauty products!

I have been using these Olaplex products for several years, and my hair has never been healthier! My stylist recommends using them once a week. I wash my hair every other day. So on any day that starts with “S”, I use the Olaplex products. I start with damp hair and leave a pea size amount of No. 3 on for at least ten minutes. Then I use a pea size amount of No. 4 (shampoo) on all of my hair and rinse it completely. Next, I use a pea size amount of No. 5 (conditioner) on the bottom 3/4 of my hair and leave on for 3 minutes. After rinsing No. 5, I add a pea size amount of No. 6 and leave it on. Because I just use such a small amount, these bottles last me at least a year!

After my Olaplex hair treatment, I blow dry my hair almost completely dry. Then I use this T3 round brush to help straighten my hair and curl the ends. I have the 2.5″, but it is available in several other sizes too!

I was looking for a great detangling brush, and this one popped up! It has nearly 700 great reviews, and I have to agree! It’s amazing! There are five color choices too! It was made to use with wet hair (or dry) and does a great job of not damaging your hair! Plus, it’s only $14 with free shipping and returns.

Two other products I SWEAR by are Living Proof‘s dry shampoo and dry volume blast! The dry shampoo is great for extending the “life” of your hair between washes, but I also use it on days that I wash my hair to add texture and keep my hair from getting too oily! And dry volume blast has been a total game changer for my hair! It instantly gives my hair so much volume and texture!

I have also loved Moroccanoil products for so long!! I use the protect spray to help protect my hair from future damage. I also love the hairspray! My stylist told me a few years ago to try adding the spray to my hair BEFORE I style, and this was a total game changer! I spray a bit on before styling then brush out my hair. My hair holds curls better, and it doesn’t feel stiff!

Shop all of my top picks here:

Nordstrom is my favorite place to pick up my favorite beauty items! Hello, free shipping and returns, I am talking to you! They also off great services like buy online and pick up in store and curbside pickup at select stores! And you will earn points with every purchase when you are part of the Nordy Club!

A big thank you to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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