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How I Cope with Anxiety

Honestly, this is a post that I never thought I would write. I grew up in a wonderful family. I had a wonderful childhood. Over my lifetime so far, I have had many wonderful blessings. Anxiety was never something that I had ever experienced. Then my sister was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2020, and everything changed.

During my sister’s very short battle with cancer, my anxiety levels really rose. I felt an overwhelming tightness in my chest like I had never experienced before. The best way I know how to explain it is to think of my body as an empty glass. Typically that glass was pretty empty of anxiety. And when stressful situations arose, the levels in the glass would rise up just a tiny bit, but it was nothing that I couldn’t handle. After my sister passed away in October 2020, I felt like my anxiety levels were constantly at above the halfway point of my glass. And when stressful situations arose, it was so hard handle them, and a tightness in my chest would surface. Sometimes it would feel like a boulder was pressing down on my chest.

A friend reached out telling me about Equilibria, and while my usual response would be “no, thanks”, two things convinced me to say “yes”. First, I remember how much CBD helped my sister manager her pain during her battle with cancer. I remember doctors and nurses being surprised that her pain was being managed without strong medicines. And the second thing that convinced me to try CBD was you guys. I have honestly lost track of the number of you that have reached out to tell me try CBD each time I share my struggles with anxiety.

So a month ago, I started using these products by Equilibria. I chose this company for several reasons. My favorite thing about this company is that they offer a dosage consultant. Every woman is so different so doses are different too! Whether you hop on a call or just bounce an email back and forth, the dosage consultants are a service that no other CBD company offer! Their CBD is organically grown and is fully traceable from their 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado to your doorstep. No fluff. No fillers. No middle-men. So you know you’re getting consistent and reliable quality batch after batch, month after month.

Since using the products consistently the past month, I have truly felt my anxiety decrease overall. I am certainly not a medical professional (but Equilibria’s dosage consultant come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. They’re experts in the field of psychology, biology, women’s reproductive health, and cannabis education,) but I wanted to share how these products have helped me.

Equilibria offers a wide variety of products! I am going to share how I use the products pictured above!

I start each day with on of the Daily Gummies. I have been using the pineapple grapefruit flavor and really liking them. This has really helped me manage my anxiety levels for the most part throughout the day.

Usually, a gummy is enough to get me through the day, but if extra stresses come up and I feel my anxiety levels increasing, I can take a full dropper of the Daily Drops to help with my anxiety as needed throughout the day. I drop the liquid under my tongue and hold them there for one minute before swallowing.

I have taken one soft gel each night before bed and have had the most restful nights due to the slow release of this product.

One of the joys of getting older is all the aches and pains, right!? Ha! Since I find myself sitting at the computer most days for a big amount of time, my neck and shoulders have been pretty tight! I rub a little bit of the Relief Balm on any spot that is hurting, and it truly helps!

Relaxing bath, anyone?? This Mindful Mineral soak soak might be the best part of your day! I have never felt so relaxed!

I don’t know about you, but my skin gets so dry in the winter! This Nourishing Body Oil leaves my skin so smooth and moisturized!

Equlibria has so many great sets on sale right now that are perfect for you or for a gift! They also have everything site wide 30% off and a free gift with a $100 or $200 order! And I even scored another coupon for you! Use code JUSTPOSTED to save an additional 15%!

These products have truly helped me with my anxiety.

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