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How I Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We have all heard over and over how important it is to get a good night’s sleep! There are so many factors that play into whether or not you get a truly restful sleep! Today on the blog, I am talking what I do to help me get a great sleep each and every night! Because honestly, I don’t want to sleep like a baby – who wants to get up throughout the night? I want to sleep like my husband and sleep soundly! Yes, yes, there are some nights that the kids might get me up or the dogs step on me and wake me up, but I truly have never slept better in my life!

1. Get on a Schedule

This sounds simple, but it is so important! Our bodies crave routine! Most nights, I am in bed and ready to sleep between `10 and 11. Most mornings, I get up around 6:45. And even though sometimes around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I could really go for a nap, I power through the day knowing that if I do, I will sleep better that night!

2. Invest in a Great Mattress

We recently got a Luuf Mattress for our room! The kids have been loving theirs for over two years! Luuf is even treating JP readers to an extra 50% OFF everything site wide! I’ll admit, I was skeptical! How can a mattress from the box be so darn comfortable!!?? We wanted a mattress that was not too firm and not too soft! In the words of Goldilocks, we wanted one “just right”! We got the Firm Multi Sleeper, and it is a good fit.

3. Invest in Great Bedding

We love these pillows and mattress pad! The reviews on both items from Amazon are INSANELY good! We have also been using our Cozy Earth sheets for a couple of years, and I can’t imagine any sheet more comfortable than these! You can also use code JUSTPOSTED45 to save 45% off the original price! It’s no wonder they are Oprah’s favorites! All of these pieces have definitely played a large role in keeping us comfortable and sleeping well.

4. Take a Supplement

I have shared with you guys before that since my sister was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2020, I have struggled with anxiety. After she passed away in October of 2020, my anxiety really increased. I walked around with tightness in my chest and often times woke up at night. A friend reached out and told me about Equilibria Women! I started incorporating CBD into my daily routine, and it has truly been such a big help in not only helping with my anxiety but also with the soundness of my sleep. I HIGHLY recommend trying their soft gels for helping with your sleep if you struggle! The slow release works so well for me to help me sleep be sound! You can read more about each product I am using on this blog post! Right now, they are offering JP readers the best discount ever! Starting today through Thursday, January 13, new customers can get up to 50% off the RETAIL price of the first month of an Equilibria subscription! Use code JUSTPOSTED50 at checkout! You will see the biggest discount when you purchase their bundles! Or you can use code JUSTPOSTED to save 15% off everything else!

5. Consider a Sleep Tracker

I recently got the Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker! Not only does it keep track of my activity and steps and come with access to tons of fitness programs, but for me, knowing the quality of my sleep has been so beneficial! I can see the stages of my sleep (deep, light, and REM), time in bed before falling asleep or waking up, and any disturbances along the way!

6. Get Off of Electronics

Yep! WOW! This one is hard for me! At night, before bed, I am typically on my computer or phone working when it is quiet! But I set an alarm for 9:30 every night to remind me to GET OFF MY ELECTRONICS and wind down!! It really has helped.

7. Control your Thermostat

Many have recommended that the ideal temperature for sleep is somewhere between 65 and 72! We like our house chillier at night so we can all snuggle under the blankets! We LOVE our Nest Thermostat because we can easily set the temperatures that work for our family during the day and at night! You can even control it from your phone when you are not home!

8. Do Some Deep Breathing

Over the years, I have struggled with digestion (it is much better now, phew!), and I have had appointments with a biochemist that has really helped get things under control. One of the things he recommends is to do 5 minutes of deep breathing 5 times a day – when you wake up, at each meal, and before bed. Doing it before bed has really helped calm my mind and fall asleep faster.

I am certainly not a medical expert, but these are some things I do each night to help give my body the best sleep it can get! I hope some of these tips help you as well!

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