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  1. Amy | 5th Mar 18

    Do you have the nutritional information for this? Thanks!

    • justposted | 5th Mar 18

      I don’t! Would change based on what is added and how much you make!

  2. Jaime | 9th Apr 18

    Have you ever tried Juice Plus complete shakes? They are delicious and great for everyone in the family!

  3. Cristina | 9th Apr 18

    Why do you add coconut oil?

  4. Danielle Sloan | 13th Jun 18

    Have you ever just left the smoothies in the fridge for the week? I have been making them for a while now and I like them best when they are freshly made.

    • justposted | 15th Jun 18

      I have not! I usually take them out of the freezer around 6 am. Then by 8 am they are ready to eat and taste pretty fresh!

  5. Kelly | 29th Jul 19

    What cuos do you freeze them in?

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