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Capsule Wardrobe – Business

So many of you work in an office and have been looking for great pieces to be worn that are interchangeable! I have put together a little business capsule wardrobe! Here are 15 pieces plus 5 accessory pieces to pick up! And there are 24 ways to style these (that I came up with!)!

Here are the pieces to pick up!


       Black Blazer         Blue Blazer       White Button Down

     White Tee               Black Tank                   Tan Cardigan


     Black Pants                 Green Pants                Jeans

Dresses & Skirt

     Option 1 //Option 2  Option 1//Option 2     Skirt


     Pink Heels                     Black Heels               Leopard Flats


    Leopard Belt    Pendant Necklace    Pearl Necklace

               Colorful Clutch                               Black Clutch

Outfit Choices

I hope this really helps you as you think of some basic pieces to purchase and many ways they can be worn! Check out all of my Capsule Wardrobe posts here or my How to Wear posts here!


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