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“Owl” Be Your Valentine

I love making crafts! So when I can do one together with my kids, it is even more enjoyable (well, most of the time!) Henry, and even Lucy, and I worked together to make these cute owl crayons for Henry’s preschool class! 

Won’t “Chew” Be Mine?

Still feeling a little craft tonight, Henry and I continued making some cute things for his class’s Valentine’s Day party! We were assigned the task of making treat bags. Now yes, it would be easy to buy some candy, stickers, pencils, etc. and there is NOTHING wrong with that! But We decided to do this cute counting activity instead! Henry’s job was to add 5 pieces of gum to every bag. I would have rather used gumballs, but alas, Kroger was out! Download the free printable here.

Free Printable for a Starbuck Gift Card – I Love You a Latte

My best friend, Brooke, texted me today to ask if I had a Valentine’s Day printable for a Starbucks card! I thought it was a great idea! So here is another free printable for that is perfect for someone you love this Valentine’s Day! If there is one thing that most people love, it’s a Starbucks gift card or coffee gift card! And make the gift even cuter by downloading these free printables! This would be a great option gift option for a spouse, grandparent or teacher!

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