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“Owl” Be Your Valentine

I love making crafts! So when I can do one together with my kids, it is even more enjoyable (well, most of the time!) Henry, and even Lucy, and I worked together to make these cute owl crayons for Henry’s preschool class! 

 First, we took the wrappings off of the crayons. This was not as easy as it sounds! I got out a small kitchen knife, made a cut the full length of the wrapper, then peeled off the wrapper. Cutting it first made it much simpler. 

 Even Lucy enjoyed helping! We also sorted the crayons by color. I thought this would make a better crayon rather than one big dark blob of colors.

 Next, we broke the crayons up and put them into the owl mold

 We placed them in the oven and baked them for about 5 minutes at 350. After they had melted quite a bit, we added more crayons to make the mold completely full. After all the crayons had melted, we put them in the freezer to cool. When they were completely cool, we popped them out of the mold! We had a great time doing these!

Lastly, I made a card on Microsoft Publisher, printed it on cardstock, and cut it out. Don’t you love the cute graphics and background from! Love their clip art and backgrounds!! And best of all, they are all free! 
Henry signed his name on the “from” spot. We placed two crayons in each bag and stapled on the folded in half paper.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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