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New Beauty Products I Don’t Want to Live Without

When Eva Naturals reached out to me to try a few products, I was really excited! I don’t mind GETTING older, but I don’t want to LOOK older! I started using the products back in the end of March! I honestly would have shared them with you guys sooner, but they are BEST sellers on Amazon and keep selling out! And not only do they all work well, they are not going to break the bank! Right now, you can clip the coupon to save an additional $2 on almost every product too!

Their products are so great, and I have really seen some improvements in my skin!! I have incredibly sensitive skin and am always nervous to try new products, but these all made my face softer! Plus, I noticed that my makeup went on smoother too!

I follow a routine every night before bed, and taking good care of my skin is a non-negotiable! The first product I use is the Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser! I use this product in the shower at night to wash off the day from my face! I also use it on my neck, shoulders, and arms. I have seen the small red bumps on my arm disappear from using this cleanser!

After getting out of the shower, I use the Vitamin C+ Serum. I have used a Vitamin C serum for several years because it helps keep my skin smooth and hydrated! I love Eva Naturals’ Vitamin C+ Serum because it does a great job hydrating my skin while keeping it looking young! There’s a reason that this serum has over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon! Plus, it’s less than $15! I use one squirt on each side each night. This is enough to smooth over both my face and neck area.

After using the Vitamin C+ Serum, I apply the Eye Gel. This gel goes on smoothly and helps reduce the appearance of dark bags and crow’s feet! I use just one pump of this each night, and it is enough to cover both eyes.

Another product that I wouldn’t stop using is retinol! Any product that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles is a must in my book! I use this product every night! And while I am (nearly) 36 and don’t notice many wrinkles on my face yet, I am using this retinol after applying the Vitamin C+ Serum and Eye Gel.

You can buy the Vitamin C+ Serum, Eye Gel, and Retinol in one package too for less than $25! This is a trio your face will not want to live without!

I was surprised that I liked the Castor Oil, but when I have spots that are feeling dry (even on my arms or another place!), I apply some to help my skin become softer! At first, I was unsure what the lash wands and brow brushes were for! But Castor Oil has been shown to help promote eyelash and eyebrow growth! Woohoo!

I cannot recommend these products by Eva Naturals more! Plus, right now, you can clip the coupon to save an additional $2 on almost every product! My skin is so soft! I am so glad that I added these five products into my nightly routine! If you aren’t currently doing a night skin care routine, I would HIGHLY recommend trying out these products! You won’t find better products with quality ingredients at these amazing prices! I am hooked!

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