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Ready for Summer

This was post sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle.

No matter how big or small or short or tall, we all struggle with finding a great suit to wear in the summer! As women, it is easy to find fault in our bodies. I am totally guilty! When I see a picture of myself, I am my biggest critic. I nitpick everything! Why do we do that? I would never look at another woman and think, “Her stomach is not flat enough!” or “Her legs have too much fat!” or “Yuck! Stretch marks!” So, stop being ashamed of any imperfection you think you have and get out there and enjoy some fun in the sun with your family! I am excited to be partnering with Walmart to share with you some affordable, fashionable, and comfortable swimwear for this summer! With their We Dress America campaign, you can have this season’s hottest trends at affordable prices!

I have shared this before, but if you are new here (hi, welcome!), I want to share it again. When Henry was born nearly 9 years ago, I had a very rough last month of being pregnant and delivery! Henry was both breech and “sunny side up” as my doctor called it. Because we were both at risk during his delivery, I had to have an emergency c-section. My scar is vertical rather than horizontal because it was one minute faster to get him out this way. I have about a 6-inch scar on my stomach. Honestly, at first, I was embarrassed by this and only wanted to wear a one-piece suit. Luckily for me, there are so many cute one pieces! For me though, I felt that I had more support up top and a better fit with a bikini! Thank goodness high-waisted bikini bottom are in style! No, my body is not perfect. My stomach will never be completely flat again, I have stretch marks, and I have a giant scar! But I am not going to let the things I see as imperfections stop me from enjoying time with my kids! And neither should you!

Briton’s mom and dad have a cottage on a nearby lake, and we have a pool in our backyard! Our summers are spent by the water! I am sharing a few cute suits and coverups from Walmart that are perfect for summer!

This bikini top and bottoms offer full coverage and a high waist – requirements for this mama! The top has padding too! There is also a tankini top in the same pattern. You can pick up the top and bottoms´╗┐ for around $30 total!

Fit Tip: I found the top and bottoms to be true to size. I sized up to a M in both pieces which is typical for me in swimwear.

Shop it all here:

I have had several requests for tankini options for summer! You know what I say, “Black and white is always right!” The top of this suit is fully padded with adjustable straps, and the bottoms are full coverage!

Fit Tip: I found both pieces to be true to size. I sized up to a M as normal for me in swimwear.

Shop it all here:

How cute is this floral coverup?! It offers full coverage while still being lightweight and comfortable too!! It is available in plus sizing too!

Fit Tip: I found it to be true to size and am wearing the small.

Shop it all here:

The genius that brought the high-waisted trend back in style can be my best friend! Love this option! I feel like these bottoms definitely make me look and feel more sucked in! The top has padding with a bit of push-up and adjustable straps, and the bottoms are full coverage!

Fit Tip: I found both pieces to be true to size and am wearing a M in both. I typically size up to a M in all swimwear.

Shop it all here:

More swimwear from Walmart that I am loving:

So here’s to being comfortable in our own skin and enjoying our time in the sun this summer! You are beautiful!

A big thank you to Walmart and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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