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The Perfect Makeup Case

Since I am leaving in a week and a half for a cruise, I was on the search for a great makeup case to take with me on the trip! I love this one because it holds SO much, has adjustable compartments, and ships with Prime shipping!! You all know that I am a pink girl, but there are several other great colors to choose from!

20 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Trip to Disney More Magical

Our family just got back from a surprise trip to Disney World over fall break! Briton and I surprised the kids! They had NO idea!! You can see the scavenger hunt we did here! The kids had a blast! You guys were so great offering tips and tricks before we left! So I decided to put all that I learned into one post! I hope you find this helpful!

Disney Scavenger Hunt

If you have been following along lately, you know that Briton and I surprised the kids with a trip to Disney for a few days over fall break! You guys gave so many great tips for Disney!! Reader Jessica shared a scavenger hunt that she did with her kids for a surprise! We adapted it just a bit to make it fit our trip! You can check out the video of the full hunt below!! (And don’t worry, I won’t judge if you don’t watch the entire thing! But I promise it is worth skipping until the end to see their reaction!)

What to Pack for a Getaway

This post was sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle.

5 Outfits to Pack for a Getaway

Briton’s parents rented a condo in Naples for the month of February! And since the kids had a Friday off in February, we decided to make a long weekend in Florida! I am excited to be partnering with Macy’s to share five great outfits to take on your next getaway! During their HUGE sale going on right now, you can save 20% off thousands of markdowns with promo ,code BIG through February 24!

1. A Great Dress

My Cruise

When your best friend from high school asks you to be her roomie on a Dance Fitness Cruise with Karma Vacations, you say yes! I am telling you, this was totally me pushing myself outside of my comfort zone! I was in classes with some of the best dancers I have ever seen! But you know what…. that didn’t stop me from participating and having the best time! I met the most amazing group of people with every possible background you could think of! But you know what?! When everyone is so nice, it just works! Save the dates in your calendar for next year because I would LOVE to dance with you – January 19-26, 2020!

15 Tips for Cruising

I recently got back from a cruise with Royal Caribbean and had the best time! It was a Dance Fitness Cruise! I took 24 classes and met some amazing people! Everyone did so many great things to help their trip run smoother! I wrote down all of their suggestions along with a few of my own! If you are cruising anytime soon, I hope these tips will helps things run smoothly for you!

Our Trip to Vegas

I have had tons of questions about our recent trip to Vegas!! So, I thought I would put everything we did, what I wore, and where we ate! I hope this is helpful! We absolutely love going to Vegas!

8 Tips for Traveling with Kids

With spring break officially over, it is time to head back to reality! But let’s be honest, without reality, those times away would not be appreciated nearly as much! We recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to Florida with my family! It is always so nice to get away! Brit and I have this joke that while the times away with the kids are fun, we like to call them a “trip” rather than a “vacation”! While traveling with kids may not be quite as relaxing as traveling without them, here are a few tips for your next trip with kids to help things run a little smoother!

What I’m Packing for Spring Break

Who’s ready for spring break!?!? Two hands up for this girl! You may have seen my Spring Getaway post with Nordstrom last week, but here are a few other options you might want to consider adding to your suitcase! Every year, my little family of four join my parents and my sister with her family down in Florida in the Orlando area! (And no… we aren’t doing Disney. Oh my goodness!! WAY too busy for me this time of year!) This has been a crazy, busy school year! I always look forward to spring break! It is a time for total relaxation! We don’t do much, but it sure is nice to be in the warmth and be surrounded by family!

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