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Easy Breakfasts – Egg Cups

If you are like me, you are constantly in a hurry before school starts to get the kids out the door to be on time to school! I have been making a few things head of time this year to help our mornings run smoother! Lucy and her friend were the chefs for these make-ahead egg cups! They had a ball making them!

Easy Breakfasts – Homemade Granola

Now that the school has started (or will start soon) for most of us, it’s time for some easy breakfasts that you can make ahead of time to make your mornings run smoother! Over the years, I have finally perfected this granola! I have tried several recipes and finally mixed them together to make one my family LOVES! We even have it for desserts some nights!

Easy Breakfasts – Cinnamon Toast

I started making this recipe this year for the kids! It is our spin on French toast – without any eggs! The kids love the taste, and I love how fast I can make these in the morning!

Delicious Sausage Rolls

Briton requested a few oldies but goodies for dinners this week! So…. I busted out the photo album that holds all of our favorite recipes! It was kind of fun to glance back at recipes I made throughout the years! We landed on “Sausage Rolls”, and I realized that I had never made these for the kids! So while 90% of the time, we try to eat healthy, it is fun to splurge 10% of the time on a recipe like sausage rolls!! The kids absolutely loved these and can’t wait to have them again!

Simple Chocolate Cookies – A Family Favorite

During this extra time at home, I have been looking through all of my recipes and making some that I haven’t made in years! I remember Briton having these cookies in his lunch in high school when we were dating! These are filled with simple ingredients that you probably have on hand, and they are a family favorite! And yes… even though I don’t like chocolate, I still make them for my chocolate-loving family!

Frosty Strawberry Squares Recipe

When Briton and I first got married, his mom gave me a recipe book filled with all of his favorite recipes from growing up! Since we are all home more, I have been looking through the book and finding some of our favorites that I haven’t made for years! These frosty strawberry squares are such a refreshing dessert! Ironically, I had never made them for the kids! We made these this week, and they have been a HUGE hit!

Starbucks at Home – Passion Lemonade

My favorite cold drink at Starbucks is their Passion Lemonade! Since we are home these days, I am sharing how I make it from home! And since I don’t like to have very much sugar, I use honey instead of sugar!

Starbucks at Home – London Fog

My favorite drink to get at Starbucks is a London Fog! It is half Earl Grey tea with frothed milk and some sweetener! Since we are staying home, I thought I would share how I make it from home!


Well, if you know me, you know that I start every morning with a smoothie! I love that time to get in a great serving of fruits and vegetables! I also make a REALLY large batch. I put my Sunday batch into plastic cups and straight to the freezer. Every morning around 6:30, I pull a smoothie out of the freezer and take it with me to school. Then around 8:00 I eat it at my desk! I never actually measure what I put in, but here are some approximates! 🙂   I start by putting everything into my Vitamix.

Yes, they are expensive. But, yes, they are completely worth it. My Vitamix is over 15 years old and it won’t die! I mean, secretly, I would like it to die because I would love more options than my old Vitamix has! But, no! It won’t quit! And also, their customer service is wonderful! Here are the ingredients I use. Because I make a smoothie for the whole week, this recipe will make a large portion big enough to serve 5-6 smoothies. Start by blending these ingredients:

20 ounces of Almond Milk (any milk is fine)
Big handful of spinach or kale
1/2 cup of Coconut oil (Optional)
3 scoops of protein powder (I use Beachbody’s Vanilla Vegan)

After the above ingredients are smooth, add the frozen fruit. I use:
2 Frozen Bananas
1/2 cup or so of Frozen Blueberries
1/2 cup or so of Frozen Strawberries

Another fruit option:
2 Frozen Bananas
1/2 cup or so of Frozen Mango
1/2 cup or so of Frozen Peaches

Blend and enjoy! Start your morning off right! Now, don’t stop following me after you read this! 😉 But…. I don’t like chocolate! I know, I know! It’s crazy! But my family does! So sometimes after I get my smoothie scooped out, I will add a couple tablespoons of Cocoa Powder. My kids think they are drinking a chocolate milkshake! MOM WIN!

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